Friday, October 22, 2010

Leave shit be!

 So today was one of those days where it started off great then gradually got worse. Woke up tired and crabby. Went grocery shopping which took ages, but I was with a fantastic friend so It wasn't quite terrible. Then went to a show at a local made me was amazing...but it made me cry. Then shit hit the fan. People! Fucking people who have no clue what the fuck is going on in their own lives so they speak in mother fucking code building up the accusations and then when you finally have had it and you snap at them...they tell what was wrong, you explain it and then they feel you are the one overreacting and making it this huge cluster fuck of a mess. It is simply the stupidest thing because these people know exactly what they are doing they may say they love you, but honestly would you intentionally smother, lecture, and then make someone you love feel like they are the fucking reason their life is shit? These are the people that need to learn to let shit be... just leave it the fuck alone. Unless you are following them around and being a fucking nosey ass spy there is no way you could possibly comprehend what the fuck is going on! It isn't mine or anyone else's fucking fault your life's going to shit and when others try to help you...except the help do not shove them away do not be cruel to the only one whose been there and certainly have respect for all those involved!

 On a small note I love people who spout shit about loving and caring for someone , but then when they cry and fall apart into a tiny ball and are left at a friends shutting down everything in their lives and feeling like they wanna just die, try to tell them well your life isn't the only one falling apart....well wooptie fucking do assholes you say shit that you know will hurt someone and then when you have broken them you spout that shit...yeah no...FUCK YOU! It isn't cool doesn't fix your life and damages the only people you got left in your life so yet again...LEAVE SHIT BE!

Love with a Micro fusion Cherry On Top,

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