Sunday, October 24, 2010


 Today is a happier posting do to the fact that I have received a special gift. Tis a ring with a symbol. upon examining this very simple trinket i have come to realize in life symbols are everywhere big and small. Anything from traffic signals to the classic Oh My God! Did that guy just flip me off!? The symbol on this ring I think means Love, friendship, and loyalty. All very, very, important, but it was also given to me as a symbol of pull me out of my own dark thoughts and let me know someone has me and isn't letting me go. The wonderful and beautiful person who gave me this is such a dear amazing friend and I neglected to tell him I have given him a symbol as well without his see symbols aren't always as blunt and forward as big fucking heart that says I love you...what I gave as a symbol was simple artwork to show what I saw in him and what he is to me as a symbol of my own affections. So symbols are around us everywhere and guys you don't need the giant fucking heart with the I love you...sometimes it really is as simple as giving a ring or something dear to you no matter how stupid it may seem at the time to really show how much you care. I know this ring hasn't left my friends person in a long time and for him to physically and willingly pass it to me weather it be always or for a time that is short I will always know that though it is carries more weight then any other symbol someone can give to one person.

Love with a Micro Fusion Cherry On Top,

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