Saturday, October 30, 2010


Okay so do to the season I have decided to express my love for the undead. Zombies are absolutely amazing. Their second deaths make me laugh and their sheer ability to take many many forms like in left for dead and house of the dead or the always enjoyable Shaun of the dead. Lucky for me Halloween has been able to get me my zombie fix. I must say though...these cutesy zombies in stores to make kids yeah no if a fucking zombie came to them and they laughed they'd be eatin. I will stick to teaching my kid to shoot for the head in a zombie Apocalypse thanks. Which leads me to my next question....double barrel or M16? I like the shotgun personally but hey that's just me. Well I am off to a Halloween party and to watch zombie land. Happy Halloween Bitches!

Love with a Micro Fusion Cherry
on Top,


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