Monday, November 8, 2010

Missing and Loving

I am beginning to realize what loving someone can do to you when they aren't around. I  have been with a good friend of mine for 5 whole days away from home and the rest of the world. Saw in those 5 days anger, irritation, love, joy, pain....and sleeping soundly and safely in that persons arms can change your whole perspective of life. Every bit of pain ebbs away you feel so safe and so unconditionally loved you could die honest to god happy. Tonight I am night I am alone....I miss that security.

To finally know honest love and attention without any form of wanting anything in return. I want to cry and say take everything away just give me those days again for the rest of my life. Love is when your heart aches every time they look at you with any means of irritation and wanting to tell them your sorry 100 times though its not necessary.Love is feeling confused at how to be and what to do when they smile at you and your heart stops at those 3 perfect lil words. Then missing them is exactly how I feel. Your hearts in a shredder...your worried every second they aren't there...and you missed them the 10 minutes before you knew they were leaving. Put that with love and only a telephone and you have a war in your heart that only a few understand. I miss much.

So tonight to anyone who even glances here...hold the ones you live tight because one day your gunna roll over or walk through the door and they could be gone or far far away. Love while you can... miss them every moment you blink your eyes because just like a dream its only an eye open away from coming back and realize you lost it all with no recollection.

Love with a Micro Fusion Cherry On Top,

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