Thursday, November 18, 2010


Okay so last night I was having an 'adventure' we will say. In this adventure the pirate I was traveling with was a cut throat brandy buccaneer brandishing his mighty blade. Well needless to say in this adventure I am the sea wench who has captured this rouge pirates heart. So here we go...

 He came to the tavern where she worked and stole her away to his ship. When she came to from a deep sleep he was there. Wooing her, wanting her, hunger driven...the seas had not been kind to long without the warmth of another he'd been. They struggled for power. She was falling in love, but didn't want to make this easy for him. As they rolled around trying to find common ground she stopped and looked at him. Really Really looked at him and discovered he was beautiful, strong, rough....a rouge. She let this tempest roll over her till the dawn broke through the shuttered window of the captains quarters.  The captain had already awoke dressing in front of his ornate mirrors before turning round eyes intense and said without skipping a beat...You're an animal....then pointed to the bruises and scratches the wench had left upon his olive skin....She was harsher then the sea and as loving as the warm breeze upon the seas...

So from this adventure I have learned I am a FUCKING ANIMAL! Do I take this as an insult or a compliment...well I am not sure....and if I am an animal..what kind? Cat? Parana? Alligator? Gerbil!? Hm so many unanswered trivial questions. Oh well. This wench knows how to handle her rouge pirate.

Love with a Micro Fusion Cherry On Top,

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